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  • What is dance/movement therapy?
    Dance/movement therapy is a type of psychotherapy that incorporates the body and mind, which are interconnected. How we move affects how we think, feel, behave, and relate to others. Have you ever danced in your living room like no one was watching and felt really good after? We can channel the healing power of movement to go deeper, create new connections, and calm the nervous system. Dance/movement therapy promotes the social, emotional, cognitive, spiritual, and physical integration of the individual. It works from all angles because movement is the foundation for everything we do!
  • What does a dance/movement therapy session look like?
    Each session is different depending on your needs and goals. Often clients experiencing anxiety want to expand their coping skills, increase confidence, and become more present and comfortable in their bodies. At first, sessions may include movements that can soothe anxiety physiologically so you can learn to regulate your nervous system. These movements may be as simple as breathing, slowing things down, or listening and responding to your body in the present moment. As you become more comfortable with moving during therapy sessions, we may transition to more spontaneous movement where your personality will be seen and acknowledged. I may mirror your movement and help you expand your movement choices through a suggested image or piece of music. Spontaneous and improvisational movement not only allows you to uncover new information about yourself, but it also takes vulnerability and strength to assert your body into action, leaving you feeling more confident. Typically at the end of a dance/movement therapy session, we'll talk about your experience, what you've learned and how you might apply it to your daily life.
  • I’m not a good dancer and feel self-conscious. Do I need any prior dance experience?
    You absolutely do not need to be a “good dancer” or have prior dance experience to participate in dance/movement therapy. In fact, the dance in dance/movement therapy simply means “moving to a rhythm.” This rhythm can be musical, but it can also be a rhythm we create with another person (ever found yourself walking in step with the person next to you?). It can even be an internal rhythm, such as the rise and fall of the breath leading into our morning stretch. By this definition, we are doing dances all the time! While many dance forms have planned ‘steps’ to learn and memorize, dance/movement therapy does not. It is based on the principle that movement is expressive, nonverbal communication unique to each individual.
  • Do I have to start moving right away?
    In the beginning, what is more important than moving is starting the process of getting to know one another and finding ways of being together which make it possible for you to share your experiences. Moving may or may not be part of that. Conscious and planned movement will be introduced at your pace and together, we'll discover the right balance between talking and moving.
  • How does dance/movement therapy work over telehealth?
    There are many dance/movement therapy techniques that can be adapted for telehealth. Almost all insurances are covering this service during the COVID-19 pandemic (check with yours to verify). While at first, it may feel a little awkward having sessions over video, you may be surprised how quickly you become comfortable. I use a secure platform that allows for real time audio/video communication. I recommend choosing a private space in your home, ideally with enough room to extend your arms out and not bump into anything (if not, no worries. We will adapt). Wear clothing that you are comfortable moving in. While moving, it is okay if you go partially or fully off screen or if you become distracted. I encourage you to bring your awareness back to your body in the present moment. In fact, dance/movement therapy over telehealth can be an excellent mindfulness practice of how to stay connected to our bodies while engaging with technology, a skill anyone can use!
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