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For Adults with Anxiety

Your body feels tense, overwhelmed, panicky. Or reading this, you are thinking, “How does my body feel?” because you mostly live ‘in your head.’ You often doubt yourself or think you are not good enough. Your nervous system is working overtime, leaving you mentally and physically exhausted. Anxiety shows up in all kinds of ways, but there is a common thread: a disconnect from ourselves.

You can reconnect and pave a new path to wellness.

Whether your anxiety stems from a sensitive heart, low self-esteem, experiences of loss or trauma, I want to support you. Therapy with me is going to incorporate a body and mind approach. Change happens when you heal and integrate all aspects of yourself. Together, we will uncover your inner strengths, resilience, and creativity. By tapping into your innate creative resources we can expand your choices, helping you to feel less anxious and more in control of your life.

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